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DNS Tool for Azure

Visibility and Control Over Your DNS Zones

Experience the power of DNS Tool for Azure, your premier solution for monitoring and managing DNS Zones within your Azure Tenant. Gain unparalleled insights, effortlessly identify misconfigurations, and seamlessly track changes, all in one robust platform.


Are you seeking an effortless and cost-effective method to fortify the security of your network infrastructure and devices? Discover how DNS Tool can provide comprehensive visibility and control over your DNS Zones, helping you identify and rectify misconfigurations swiftly while ensuring optimal performance and security.  


Periodic Scans
Automatically conduct routine scans of your Azure Tenant for DNS Zones, ensuring real-time updates and comprehensive visibility into your DNS infrastructure.

Zone Overview
Access a comprehensive dashboard presenting a detailed overview of all DNS Zones within your Azure Tenant, providing critical information at your fingertips.

Misconfiguration Detection
Leverage advanced algorithms to swiftly identify and highlight common configuration issues, empowering you to maintain optimal DNS settings with ease.

Change History
Delve into a comprehensive log of all DNS Zone changes, enabling you to track modifications over time, understand historical trends, and revert to previous configurations effortlessly.

Enhanced Visibility
Stay ahead with in-depth insights into the status and performance of your DNS Zones, ensuring proactive management and informed decision-making.

Improved Security
Rapidly detect and resolve misconfigurations to fortify your DNS infrastructure against potential security vulnerabilities, safeguarding your digital assets.

Operational Excellence
Streamline DNS management with automated scanning and issue detection, ensuring operational efficiency and minimizing downtime risks.

Compliance and Auditing
Maintain compliance with regulatory requirements by maintaining a thorough record of DNS changes, facilitating auditing and ensuring accountability.

Unlock the full potential of your DNS management with Azure DNS Tool. Contact our dedicated support team to learn more and embark on your journey towards optimized DNS Zones.

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